Rose Petal Salve NOT INFUSED

Rose Petal Salve NOT INFUSED

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Treat dry skin and mild skin irritations with this nourishing topical salve - one of our flagship products!  Also great for dry skin to increase hydration and elasticity. This infused salve is made up of organic butters + oils + essential oils. This rose petal salve nourishes + revitalizes + moisturizes while having anti-aging + smoothing + non-comedogenic properties. 


To treat skin-related ailments such as dry, scaly skin or rashes use a small (pea sized) amount and allow the product to absorb completely. 


Organic shea butter + organic mango butter + coconut oil + avocado oil + organic cayenne powder + homegrown rose petals + essential oil of rose


Organic coconut oil (not infused with cannabis) is antifungal + antiviral + antibacterial properties. Protects skin from microbes + soothes skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. Contains natural antioxidants + anti-aging properties.

Mango butter is high moisturizing + non-greasy + non-comedogenic. Free of all additives + fragrances.

Shea butter is highly moisturizing + emollient + anti-aging + reduces inflammation. 

Rose petals are antibacterial + anti-inflammatory + toning + relaxing + moisturizing. Rose petals contain vitamin C, which protects skin cells from sun damage. 

Hyaluronic acid is hydrating + rejuvenating + decreases fine lines and wrinkles + stimulates skin cell regeneration + aids in the fading of hyperpigmentation.

Organic sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E - soothing effects for dry + itchy skin. Protects against UV rays + helps skin stay elastic and supply without clogging pores.

Organic avocado oil is rich in vitamin A, D, and E - promotes skin cell growth + anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial properties. Reduces appearance of wrinkles + age spots + fine lines. Promotes skin’s natural production of collagen, which slows down aging.


Available in 2 oz.

The salve should ideally be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain its texture. It will become soft in warmer temperatures. It has a shelf life of 18 months when stored properly.