What is a cannabis infused topical?

Topicals are cannabis-infused salves, balms, lotions, and oils that are absorbed through the skin for localized pain relief, soreness, and inflammation. Because they are non-intoxicating, topicals are often chosen by patients who seek the therapeutic effects of marijuana without the cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods. 

What can I treat with infused topicals?

Topicals are commonly chosen for localized pain relief, muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation, but anecdotal evidence is beginning to show a widening spectrum of potential benefits, from psoriasis, dermatitis, and itching to headaches and cramping.

In addition to the THC infused components, this salve contains a variety of organic, all-natural butters and oils that have been proven to keep skin moisturized, youthful, and glowing. 

Will I experience intoxicating effects as a result of the topical application of this product?

Absolutely not. This cannabis infused salve, when applied to the skin, will not induce the euphoric effects commonly associated with THC. Cannabis infused topicals provide relief by binding to a network of receptors called CB2; these CB2 receptors are found throughout the body and are activated by either the body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids or by external cannabis compounds known as phytocannabinoids, more commonly known as THC or CBD.

Even through this topical contains active THC, it will not induce an intense “high” that is obtained by other methods of consumption. This is due to the fact that with transdermal application such as topicals, cannabinoids cannot reach the bloodstream, and are only able to penetrate to the system of CB2 receptors. This product is NOT intended for oral consumption.

Are any of these products edible?

NO. Although we at CannaBliss pride ourselves on using only organic and homegrown ingredients, our topicals are NOT intended for oral consumption. 

How should I apply a cannabis infused topical?

1. Determine where to apply your topical - If you don't have any specific nagging areas to focus on, try adding some topical relief to these common sore spots: temples, neck, joints such as your elbows or knees, wrists, soles of your feet, back of the foot/hell, or shoulders.

2. Clean the area - Before applying a quarter sized amount of the product, clean the area using a moist wash cloth or paper towel. Gently scrub the applicable area to remove any unwanted particulates and bacteria from the skin. Pat the skin dry.

3. Be generous and vigorous - Once you've cleaned and dried the affected area, apply the cannabis topical generously. Vigorously massage the product into the skin (or have a friend/partner do it for you!). A second or third application is not uncommon. 

4. Wash your hands! - Avoid spreading oils and butters from the products by washing your hands immediately after use. Many of our products contain ingredients such as capsaicin that have the potential to irritate eyes or nostrils.